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onda_dog's Journal

Richard Melo
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  • onda_dog@livejournal.com
Prankish, rock 'n' roll novelist whose first book was published by Soft Skull Press. A second novel is on the way, publisher unknown.
acme, americathon, artesians, batgirl, bigfoot documentaries, book reviewing, captain sensible, carrera panamericana, coyle & sharpe, dalkey archive, diana rigg, drive-thru banking, eugene levy, ghost in the machine, gossamer albatross, grove press, hut architecture, i.r.s. records, jacques cousteau, jefferson airplane fan fiction, john ritter movies, jokerman 8, king sunny ade, kirsty maccoll, lance loud, laura nyro, literary, loompanics, maya deren, national book critics circle, national geographic, no nukes, oc & stiggs, peter proud, pets.com commercials, post punk, professor fordney, project bluebook, proto punk, proto-pretty, robin williams impersonators, skylab mutiny, soft skull press, static electricity, stewart copeland, taking off, three's company, tim buckley, toynbee tiles, tristram shandy, ufos from underseas, william gaddis, yakov smirnoff comeback attempts